XCEPTIONALS Join the #MammypiWearITPink campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


The Xceptional Ladies (aka Xceptionals) are simply amazing. If you don’t know them, you might certainly want to get to know them. Specifically, they are members of the class of 98/2000 from the Saker Baptist College Limbe, Cameroon. Uniquely, these women and dynamic, caring, God-fearing and outrageously generous. Consequently, they wear pink to support Mmamypi’s wearitpink campaign for breast cancer awareness. Sadly, this class has lost two of her members to breast cancer.

Xceptionals wear pink for Miranda Harrington and Shura Boma

Miranda Ngufor epouse Harrington lost her battle to cancer in 2015. Likewise, Shura Boma also lost her battle to breast cancer earlier this year, 2018. In a show of solidarity, Xceptionals wear pink in honor of these two remarkable ladies. Among the ladies featured in this post is Esmeralda Bekon Hongla who has experienced first hand the loss of a parent from breast cancer. Therefore, pink is for parents and siblings who have died from breast cancer. Similarly, pink is for all other relatives and friends who have also died from breast cancer. Above all, we wear pink for all warriors as a sign of support and all survivors as a sign of admiration.

Serving at the Cancer Awareness Sunday organized by the Royal City Mission, UK

We start out this post with two gorgeous and selfless Xceptionals, Kathie and Vivian. Significantly, this October, these women volunteered at the Cancer Awareness Sunday in the UK. Organized by the Royal City Mission in the UK, the cancer awareness Sunday provides opportunities to change the lives of cancer patients. Mrs. Vivian Kika and Mrs. Kathie Kangha, you definitely do us proud.

Have you ever considered severing for breast cancer awareness? All things considered, serving is a great way to show your support and raise awareness for breast cancer. Indeed service demonstrates commitment. Therefore, find ways of serving to show your support for breast cancer awareness.

Xceptionals Pink Fashion

Now, let’s talk about fashion. In essence, the Xceptional Ladies show us how to wear pink in varied ways and styles. Specifically for work or corporate events, casually and out-and-about, red carpet, church etc. The Xceptionals obviously, got you covered. By all means, please scroll through the pictures below and get some inspiration. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Xceptional Ladies serving for breast cancer awareness
Mrs. Vivian Kika and Mrs. Kathie Kangha serving at the Cancer Awareness Sunday organized by the Royal City Mission, UK
breast cancer
Esmeralda Bekono Hongla wears pink for her late mother who died from breast cancer. RIP mum!
Breast cancer
Mrs. Besem Oben Takor wears pink in honor of her brother battling cancer. You are in our prayers lil’ bro!
breast cancer
Dr Seraphine Mokake, shows us how to wear pink to work!
breast cancer awareness
Ms. Cathy Mbi shines in pink in honour of her cousin Bernice who died from breast cancer
Xceptionals for breast cancer awareness
Mrs. Berylann Takor rocks casual pink outfit
Wear pink for Breast Cancer
Ms. Albertine Djeumi hangs out in pink!
pink for breast cancer awareness
Mrs. Valerie Ntangsi Fomenky stuns in pink!
Pharmacist in Pink for Breast Cancer
Xceptional Pharmacist, Megne Tantse is gorgeous in pink!


Xceptionals at work
Mrs. Marie Azinyi Aji wears pink to work for breast cancer awareness!



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