BISI COURAGE NGWA 2019 look book

Cameroon women’s wear fashion brand Bisi Designs drops the Express Summer Pieces collection. The 2019 look book presents distinct fashion pieces for grown-up stylish women. Meet the Rhea, Mera, Aphrodite, Bellis dresses and the Athena skirt all made of African print and contemporary fabrics.


What I find fascinating about the collection includes the fact that every piece is modelled by Bisi Lola. Bisi is the creative head of Bisi Designs. However, this practice is not unusual. Even top brands like Fenty Beauty has used the brands’ creative director as the face of the brand. Since launching the brand in September 2017, we have seen Rihanna as the face of almost every campaign.

Just like Rihanna, Bisi has followed in a similar fashion to showcase the brand’s vision and create outfits for real women. Instead of creating outfits for skinny models, the designer has changed the conversation to include real women. Bisi Designs 2019 look book collection is not only about African print clothes, but also represents personally curated pieces.


What we love about this collection is the versatility in the designs. Without a doubt, a lot of thought has gone into the process. From the significant names to the cuts, necklines and sleeves, Bisi Courage had one aim, to WOW! For example, the label has carefully created balance for each outfit using African print and contemporary fabrics with attention on the print.

Another key point about this collection is the fact that the brand may have found its signature. The high-low cuts on the front of the outfits cannot be forgotten in a hurry especially as it’s been repeated on the Athena skirt and the Rhea dress. Even though the Aphrodite dress is our fave, the jewel neckline and puff sleeves of the Rhea dress is a major YASS!

Check out how the designer shows off the different outfits and how to wear them from smart to casual below.

BISI COURAGE NGWA 2019 look book
Firstly, the Rhea dress


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