Terese Tande

Terese Tande was poured into that Sachin and Babi dress. True or False?

Whatever your answer to that question, I’m sure we’d all agree that the only business she had looking like she did in that dress was to be perched on a mantlepiece like some fine ornament.

It must have been a brave balance to strike for the one whose name she bears. Does one yield to the appeal of having one’s ego seriously massaged when one makes an appearance with this gourmet arm candy or does one keep their goodies to themselves? Well, Tee turned up at the Manga – Mukete wedding. That must tell you something?

Terese Tande Sizzles In Sachin and Babi Dress

Notably, this off-shoulder Bardot number was a rare hue of burnt mint green. Front & derrière, Tande looked a sublime sight. Trés to die for. So much so that it was admittedly quite an ask to decide whether it was the colour, the design, the fit or the how this Kween carried herself which made the whole getup so stare-worthy.

In essence, ‘Twas an experience; way beyond “How to dress as a wedding guest 101”. Between her hair which threatened to steal the show (au Naturelle, slicked back into a high kinky ponytail), the exquisite make-up, the bold-looking shoulders and the determined way the dress showcased her well-toned curves; there were enough fashion statements to keep us busy awhile!

Terese Tande- CWT
Tee Tande is definitely our best-dressed wedding guest of 2019

Tande’s stylist needs a raise. Sachin and Babi owe Tee some commission for being a stunning broker for this piece. Of course, Sachin and Babi deserve applause for their work of art. Combining the Bardot idea with the chic oversized bow at the back in such a unique colour could never have been overnight guesswork.

Terese Tande- CWT
Terese Tande- CWT

Terese, as can be seen, makes our perfect wedding guest list. In order to have variation, what do you think the perfect wedding guest should wear to an evening reception? As always, let us know what you think.

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