African Print Buba Blouse

When Lucie Memba posted these beautiful photos taken by Penjo Baba in her African Fashion Boutique LaFee Lucie, all I could reminisce was my mum donning a buba blouse years ago.

Remember the time our mothers wore nothing except custom-made African fashion clothes?  The common dressing style for most Cameroonian women especially those from the Northwest was a double wrapper. Often called lappa paired with a bubba blouse.

Today, thankfully, Africans are embracing their culture more and more. Not only are they showcasing the beauty and richness of the African print, but the culture. Western fashion brands like Stella McCartney and other renowned designers are now incorporating African print into their designs.

Lucie Memba In Buba Blouse and Black Tulle Skirt

The African Print Bubba Blouse will never go out of style. All you need is to keep your mood board updated with new ways to style it. The Boo-bah can be styled with a pair of pencil Ankara skirt or a pair of wrapper and head tie. Depending on the weather, the occasion and the fabric, the scoop neckline African print blouse with melon sleeves can be worn to an event or a regular day out.

Interestingly, due to the vibrant colours and simplicity of bubba blouse, they are an easy option to get on the go. A blouse can be styled with a pair of shorts, a high waist pants, culottes or a tulle skirt just like Lucie.

African Print Buba Blouse
African Print Buba Blouse

After all, what’s there not to love about Lucie Memba’ wardrobe? Her alluring makeup, perfect natural hairstyle and the super trendy satin mule, there’s an item for everyone.

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