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We all agree that looking ‘corporate –appropriate ‘does not necessarily mean throwing style out the window right? Work wear for women just like men should not only be smart. In addition, it should be able to make you stand out. Like they say, “Your attire speaks volumes before you open your mouth”.

Every designer or entrepreneur represent their business in every way and style best for their brand. Whether showing a certain work style or putting out a particular message. Even though most prefer to be judged by their intelligence and experience, most in the fashion industry are assessed by their personal style and appearance.

Sexy Work Wear For Women

Stylish Work wear for women
Stylish Work wear for women
Stylish Work wear for women
Grace Fidel rocking De Aura Designs

Like it or not, your appearance does matter. This week, Grace Fidel of De Aura Designs shared with Mammypi exclusive new photos. The designer who rose to fame after her success with the Nsen Dress looked sublime in a two-piece deep blue trouser and jacket set. Grace looks totally confident and smart wearing tailored blue ankle trousers paired with a matching short sleeve coat. Tailored trousers are the chicest piece you can wear to work all season. The designer paired her sexy work wear style with a black bralet finishing the look with strappy red sandals.

Interestingly, for most women, wearing the perfect shoes, jewellery or designer handbags are the main focal point they highlight with their style. We love how Grace perfectly blends smart with sexy bringing out her playful and corporate side in a simple workwear. Ultimately, masculine silhouettes are the epitome of effortless elegance.

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