Best Traditional Regalia from Cameroon the Toghu or Atoghu

According to internet sources, traditional regalia is an official and special outfit with decorations, especially worn during formal ceremonies. The traditional regalia in most cultures is a cherished garment which carries the spirit and culture of the people. Like every other traditional regalia, the Toghu or Atoghu carries a vibrant reflection of the people of the North West region in Cameroon and their history.

Traditional to Contemporary Native Cameroon Toghu

The elaborate styles of the Toghu outfits are very unique to the Cameroonian people. Each outfit is a representation of personal style. For men, the go-to style is the typical agbada style. Meanwhile, for women, there are several options. It could be a long or short gown, wrapper and “bubba” blouse, or a skirt with a matching top. A toghu head tie usually will look great to complete the look but is not always necessary.

Toghu for Valentine’s Day Outfit

Not only is the Toghu worn with pride and a feeling of kinsmanship at special traditional occasions, but it can also equally be worn for personal events such as weddings, graduations, or just because!

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Our post today features Pastor Achille and his gorgeous Gospel Artist wife, Florence. Evidently, these two are not letting their church commitments stop them from spending time together in the most precious way. In honor of 12 years in marriage, these lovebirds show us that true love never dies. Rocking their toghu outfits, they give us a photoshoot that is very dreamy, loving and refreshing.

Release of Debut Album

Also coming off the release of her debut album, Florence is clearly glowing in the aftermath of that accomplishment. The remarkable album entitled, “Ta Parole”, contains tracks in both French and English. Released on October 19, 2018, this album is topping the Gospel charts in Cameroon. Therefore, if you haven’t yet done so, make sure you grab a copy on iTunes, Amazon or google play.

Beautiful Toghu Styles for couples

Atoghu Outfit for Cameroonian Men

Atoghu outfit and African beads for men

Best Traditional Regalia from Cameroon the Toghu or Atoghu

Toghu for Valentine’s Day Outfit

Traditional regalia

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