Cameroonian Stylish women over 50 rocking pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month

Stylish Cameroon women over 50 and the cool clothes they wear

Top Cameroonian stylish women over fifty

Some amazing stylish women wear pink this week to support our breast cancer awareness campaign. According to the American Cancer Society, women ages 45 to 54 are recommended to get mammograms every year. Meanwhile, women 55 and older are advised to switch to mammograms every 2 years. Overall, women are advised to continue screening as long as they are in good health and are expected to live 10 more years or longer.

Stylish Women Over 50

Now to our amazing mothers in pink. First is Mama Elizabeth Elangwe who shows us how to be over sixty and fabulous. First off, check out her cold shoulder, halter neck blouse? Then, look at the styling. Mami Eli styled her outfit fashionably with white capri pants and white gladiator sandals. Do you spot her reddish pink hair color??? For a mother of 3, this mama is too fierce! As you can see, she is in Beverly Hills and would definitely easily pass for a Hollywood star!

Top Cameroonian stylish women over fifty
Mama Elizabeth Elangwe
Top Cameroonian stylish women over fifty
Mama Elangwe in Beverly Hills

Now, about this gem of a woman in the name of Mama Rebecca Ngwashi. While heading to a red carpet event, “Ma Rebe” dons this amazing pink number. The faux wrap around detail and the ruched bodice are so flattering as they help define her waistline and enhance her curves. Definitely age-appropriate, this dress is equally very stylish and chic. Meanwhile, look at that tall frame and amazing body! Now, people, this is a mother of seven!!!

Top Cameroonian stylish women over fifty
Mama Rebecca Ngwashi

Finally, Mama Ernestine Tamfu shows us the best way to dress as a mother. Without a doubt, this combination is the recipe for a cozy, approachable and lovely look. I am talking about the magical “mother” combination of a dress and a cardigan. Certainly, a dress plus cardigan equals looking warm and lovely and that’s how we like our mothers to look. Proud mother of six, Mama Ernestine is rocking the hell out of her plum dress and pink cardigan.

Black dress and pink cardigan
Mama Ernestine Tamfu

Top Cameroonian stylish women over fifty

This month, join these women in wearing pink to educate everyone about breast cancer.

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