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Ok ladies, it looks like there is a new trend amongst pregnant celebs these days. As you may already know, the trend is revealing the baby bump and gorgeous maternity photos only after the baby arrives. Not to mention, Cameroonian celebrities are keeping their pregnancy super-private until the baby arrives. While we would love to see their pregnancy glow and colourful maternity wardrobes, we also respect keeping pregnancy privacy. At Mammypi Health and Wellness we love to share the feel-good news. Certainly, we love to see mothers celebrate the joys of motherhood and their growing bellies with the help of their makeup artist.

Cameroonian Rapper Askia Glows In Maternity Photos Alongside Her Beau

Honestly, I don’t think I am making this up. For example, Blanche Bailly shared her iconic baby bump photos only after she had her baby. I wrote this article about Fese Eva’s stunning pregnancy shoot after she had her baby.

Despite the latest trend of sharing iconic baby bump photos post-delivery, the photos are undoubtedly worth the wait. Besides how beautiful and aesthetically pleasing maternity photos are, the purpose is to create beautiful memories.

Cameroonian rapper Askia is the latest to join the popular celebrity trend. The new mother shared a series of stunning maternity photos on social media to celebrate the arrival of the couples first child. The rapper and her husband look like royalty in matchy brightly coloured Kente clothing.

Check out the gorgeous photos of the pair below.

Maternity Photos of Askia

The most epic celeb maternity photos of all time.

Congratulations to the new parents

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